Worlds One Of The Most Addictive Games Poker

Card games have always been famous in almost every country of the world. And Poker needs not to be mentioned. Poker belongs to the family of the card game where bets are placed and it is played by individuals and in this game the winner is announced based on the combinations and ranks of their cards which sometimes remains as a secret until the end of the game. Before poker went online, poker used to be played on halls. Among the casino games poker is a very famous game and people have been gambling since ages. Poker was played on round tables with a few people playing together throwing cards and winning. And as your opponent can see you, so you have to make such a face so that he doesn’t understand what your situation is.

Like suppose you have won a lot of money and you’re in a good position, naturally there would be a smile in your face but you can’t do that, or when you’re feeling you’ve lost the whole thing, then also you can’t have any expression on your face. This expressionless face is known as poker face. And poker players all over the world are a pro at making this face or else they’re surely going to lose.

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Online poker shows were always famous and they still are. One of the most popular online poker show known as Sunday Million. Online poker shows have been very popular especially in Europe and North America. There are still many poker shows going on in Europe and North America like “World Series of Poker” shown on ESPN and CBS then “United States Poker Championship” shown from ESPN then from Europe there is “Late Night Poker” and then there is “Poker Million” they are shown on Fox Sports Net and Sky sports respectively. From the online poker show you can actually learn a lot of thing about poker. You can learn about the history of online poker, you can come to know about the general guidelines or tips for playing pocket cards. You can learn what are pod odds and outs and then learn how to play the flop. Learn when one should blind steal, you can learn how to use check boxes or auto plays and then learn how to keep a record of your opponents fold and flop percentages.

Poker is not a very hard game once you know the techniques and rules and strategies of the game. There are many websites and many online poker shows through which you can master all the rules about the game. There are so many veterans and so many people are no very rich only because of poker, Las Vegas, a city of poker, people save up to play Poker there. Poker is so addictive that once you get to know the fun of this game, you can hardly come out of it. It’s an addiction. So make sure when you play you are playing in your leisure time and not wasting your valuable time and money, there are a lot better things to do in life buddy!