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How to Choose Slot Machine Games

There is an endless variation out there of how slot machines are classified by type, and most of them are correct but incomplete. In reality, slot machines can be grouped using various categories and on asianbookie bandar you will find these slot games divided based on their categories as well. Here is the lowdown:

Types of slot machines by mechanism. There are slots using reels and slots using a random number generator (RNG). A simple way to distinguish between the two is to think of reel slots as manual and RNG slots as digital. Literally, reel slots are operated by actual reels lodged inside a box (the slot machine), which manually start and stop rotating on command.

In contrast, RNG slots appear to have reels when seen from the viewing window but these are merely virtual reels because it is actually a computer software inside the box (the RNG) that does the spinning and shuffling. Put another way, reels slots are controlled by the motion of actual reels while RNG slots are controlled by a programmed computer. Due to advances in technology, older, mechanical slot machines are reel-type, and modern slot machines are RNG-type.

Video slots and online slots, which are latter variations of slot machine games, can be loosely grouped under RNG slots. What you know for sure is that it is not actual reels but rather a computer-programmed random generator that spins the virtual reels and shuffles the symbols in these newer machines.

Types of slot machines by paying. Some are single-line slots, others are multiline slots, and their names clearly suggest the difference between the two. Single-line slot machines use only one line of reels, usually with four or five wheels. Knowing whether you’ve won or lost is fairly simple and straightforward.

The payline typically appears as a line at the horizontal middle of the machine’s viewing window, and you simply look at the pattern of symbols falling along with that horizontal line. Multiline slot machines make use of numerous reel lines, making it just a bit more complicated to tell if you’ve won or lost. Paylines can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, zigzag, and other bizarre curves that you’ll be surprised have actually won you the game.

Single lines and multi-lines apply to reel slots, RNG slots, video slots, and online slots. In any case, once the spinning reels come to a stop, the machine reads whether or not you have a winning pattern based on various combinations pre-defined in a particular game and pre-programmed into the machine. And the machine would simply let you know if you’ve won, and how much you’ve won.

Types of slot machines by jackpot. Here’s something every player wants to know, and the deal is that there are flat top slots and progressive slots. Flat top slots, also known as “basic” or “standard” or “straight” slots, offer a set or fixed amount of jackpot payout. This payout never changes no matter how long or frequently you have played a slot machine. Progressive slots offer a progressive jackpot payout or one that steadily increases with every player that puts more money into the slot machine.

Progressive jackpots can go as high as millions of dollars, which makes them a far more attractive option on the outset. Once somebody wins the jackpot in a progressive slot machine, the jackpot payout is simply reset to a starting amount, and from here progresses again along the same cycle.

The flat top and progressive jackpot types apply as well to reel slots, RNG slots, video slots, and online slots. Note that the idea of a progressive jackpot is not limited to slot games involving symbol patterns. Video poker, blackjack, and stud poker are some examples of other casino games offering progressive jackpots, and they are told in more detail in the site’s Progressive Jackpot Games section.