What is live casino?

The popularity of live casino sites is growing rapidly as word spreads across the web and new casinos are being opened on a regular basis. If compared to ordinary casino sites, live casinos are one step further into virtual reality, while also having pronounced features of ordinary brick and mortar casinos. Such sites provide a really interesting playing experience compared to ordinary gambling sites and after giving them a single try you will understand why. The game mechanics at live casino sites are often similar to what you find at any other quality online poker, roulette, blackjack or slot room. However, the main difference is the use of real dealers who receive the bets and deal cards in real time depending on your actions in the web playing console. Its like sitting at a real casino table, only that you can be thousand miles away from the dealer, while other players sitting next to you can log in from virtually any spot on the planet. Thats a really interesting experience, and you can try it different sites these days, such as Casinos TV or any other gambling site featuring live games.

One of the main features of online live casino games is the real-time video feed of the dealer, which takes the gaming on a whole new level and makes it as close to the real thing as it can actually get. Whether youre playing live blackjack, roulette or poker, seeing an actual dealer and hearing the noise of an actual casino is a sensation that no other type of online gambling can offer. At this time, the selection of games available with life feed dealers is limited to the most popular games in casinos, yet the popularity of live gambling sites makes us think that well soon see more games being featured with this new option. All casinos having live games usually state where the video comes from, and the dealers are typically located at some of the most well-known casinos all around the world. The benefits of playing this type of games are pretty obvious to any person who has ever been to a real-world casino. Theres a huge difference between playing online flash games, even when theres real money at stake, and having a real person playing with you at the table. The atmosphere is unique, and it adds an entirely new dimension to the thrill of gambling, which is hard to feel even with the most advanced graphics in work. Thats exactly what live casino games are used to deliver.

The right dealer can make the game times more exciting, this is what many experienced casino players will tell you. Apart from being very professional, each dealer has his own unique traits, and well-known dealers are usually in high demand, with many gamblers preferring to join their tables over others. Thats what youll find at a live online casino, as most of these sites usually tend to work only with the best professional dealers from various brick and mortar casinos. You will typically have a detailed description of the location where the dealer is seated and his personal profile to tell you more about the man. As in actual casinos, there are certain dealers who are constantly in demand by live casino players, and thats a great depiction of why live casinos are becoming so popular. Its the closest thing to the real playing experience you can get on your computer, so dont stop yourself when you have the opportunity to.

As with ordinary online casino sites, you can enjoy playing live casino games without downloading any additional software. Of course, there will be the same down sides to it as playing typical casino games directly online: the speed may be lower; there could be some lags to the game; the graphics are usually not as good as in standalone applications. But this way you will have the opportunity to see whats the buzz is all about and if live casinos are really worth considering. Fortunately, there are certain sites with this feature, so it shouldnt be a problem to find a place to enjoy your first live dealer gambling sessions.

The Online Casino Community

Just like a lot of other things, betting at an online casino can be tons of fun. When it comes down to it, you can be a serious player or you can simply bet as a hobby.

But really, either way can help you to blow off some steam and relax. One of the nicest things about an online casino is the sense of community that you will get. Many people actually have no idea about this until they start to bet more and more. But if you will let yourself go, you will find soon enough that online casino players are great to be around; even if not in a physical sense.

So how do you connect and communicate with other online casino players? Simply put, the best way to do this is via message boards or forums. These will allow you to get in touch with other players who may or may not bet at the same online casino as you. Not only will you find message boards that are independent of a particular online casino, but you will also find out that some have forums just for their members.

The main question that people have is why they would want to connect with other online casino players. The fact of the matter is that this sense of community can make things much more fun. Nobody ever said that you have to be best friends with other players, but simply communicating with them online can be a great way to have a better time.

Just think about all the benefits that go along with talking to other online casino players. For instance, do you find yourself losing time and time again because you are having a hard time with a certain rule or strategy? If so, you could get in touch with an acquaintance at an online casino message board and ask them for help. In fact, you could post your question to the entire group and everybody would be more than happy to pitch in to help you solve your problem. As you can imagine, this is much better than trying to take on the issue without assistance.

Many people like betting at online casinos because they can more or less conceal their identity. After all, you can pretty much hide behind your computer screen. But even though you may not want to communicate with people, you should really give this a try. You know that you will never have to personally meet anybody who you speak with, so why not give it a shot? You may find out that talking about the industry with other players is just as much fun as competing against them.

Generally speaking, most online casino players are great to talk to. They are more than willing to help out with problems, and are really just looking for other people who have the same interests as them. There are some message boards that have thousands of members, with quite a few of them online for many hours a day.

The Secrets of Betting Don’t

The Secrets of Betting Don’t Pssst…! Wanna know a secret? How about the secret of Betting From the Dont side? Besides being an unpopular bet, the Dont Pass is a dangerous bet to make. Before the point is established the casino…

… clearly holds the advantage. You will win your bet if a 2 or 3 rolls, but lose your bet if a 7 or 11 rolls – just the opposite from the pass line. (On the dont pass the 12 is a ‘push’). The 2/3 combination rolls 3 times (in 36 sample rolls) while the 7/11 combination rolls 8 times. So, with your bet in the dont pass box, you are favored to lose by an 8 to 3 margin.

To make matters worse, if the point does get established, you might want to make three dont come bets. This 8 to 3 casino advantage, is present not only for the initial dont pass bet, but the three additional dont come bets as well.

However, once you get past the come-outs, you hold the advantage on any number – either for the dont pass or the dont come. So your dont pass plus three dont comes could be highly profitable, if only there was some way of protecting your initial bets.

Wanna know the secrets that Craps pros use to protect their dont bets?

The easiest way to protect your dont come bet is to temporarily add odds to your dont pass bet. If your dont pass is $10, you should back it up with $10 odds for one roll only, while you place a $10 dont come bet. If the seven hits, you lose your dont come bet but win on the dont pass (plus odds), so you come out ahead. After your first dont come is established, you can remove the odds on the dont pass, which was there to protect the first dont come bet from a losing on a possible seven.

Now, youre home free. Your second dont come can be placed without a money loss. If the seven rolls now, you will win your first dont come, lose the second, and win your dont pass. If another point number rolls you can make a third dont come bet also.

If you dont like adding odds to your dont pass bet, you can just reduce your second dont come bet to protect the first one. For example, if your first dont come is $10, make your second only $5. This way if the seven rolls you are still ahead by $5.

For an easy hedge bet on the dont pass bet itself, you could try a $2 bet on the hardway number if the point is 4, 6, 8 or 10. If the point rolled is 4 or 10, you would lose your $10 dont pass but win $14 ($2 at 7:1). If the point rolled is 6 or 8, you would lose your $10 dont pass but win $18 ($2 at 9:1).

So when you play on the dont side, use the dont pass odds only as a hedge for your first dont come bet. Why not give this a try the next time you play ‘on the dark side’.

Pssst…! Now you know the secrets of protecting your dont bets!