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How does big blind ante poker tournaments influence when it comes to evolving shorthanded? Here is an interesting thing, which few have taken into account when they decided to introduce a single ante instead of the classic ante to complete the big player. We will then look at an example of a heads-up to see how much the dynamics of the table can change in such situations.

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What Is Big Blind Ante?

In order to increase the speed of poker, the Malaysia is successfully testing a new variant: introducing the big blind ante. What this means? Instead of all the players at the table completing an ante hand, that amount is put up by one competitor: the big blind. At the Online Casino Malaysia you will have the best amounts now.

Appointing a single player to pay an ante at the poker table greatly accelerates the pace of the game, allowing everyone to play more hands per hour. But what changes does this rule bring when very few players remain in the tournament? Let’s see below, referring to an example of a heads-up.

The Premises from Which We Leave

The hand discussed was held at the World Poker Tour of Champions, a no-limit hold’em competition. It’s actually the last hand of the tournament.

During The Action

Given that players can represent any two cards, it creates some very interesting post-flop situations. Waxman chose this time to defend himself, but his hand is mediocre. During this time, he plays against a wide range of an opponent who is, however, capable of bluffing.

Some have complained about the big blind effect of the ante in the short handed game. Many, however, consider that it is the action and generates a series of atypical situations, like the one above, which gives the flavor to the poker game.

If you only play for mental challenge or recreation or pleasure, then this is absolutely perfect, it is justified. But if the accumulation of money is a priority for you, then you have to understand that you will not make a significant profit in poker in front of valuable players. At the Casino Malaysia you can now find the best opportunities for the same. Big winnings on the ring come when you play against players who make fundamental mistakes and lose money in the long run. “If you do not identify in half an hour who’s the worst at the table, you’re the one,” it’s a proverb that has been in poker for years. To the extent that you do not find at least one target to squeeze the coins, you will certainly have to find another cash table, where you will have an edge against your opponents.