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By The Gambling Whore So just how popular is Roulette these days? Actually a fact is that out of all online and land based casinos Roulette is actually the third most played game of them all after Slots and Poker. Players love Roulette for many reasons but the single most popular reason is its the easiest way to increase your bankroll to very large amounts. There are a few different styles of Roulette and we will go over those below. The Object of the Roulette Game The idea of Roulette is pretty simple compared to other tables games and maybe that’s why it has become so popular. To win at Roulette a player must guess what number the little white ball is going to land on. 

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If it lands on your number you win. Also players can pick a color as well as a number or simply pick a color. Choosing only black or red doesn’t payout as much but you have a 50% chance of winning and doubling your original bet. Many online slot players will also use the Roulette wheel as a quick cash grab when their slot bank roll is getting low. Mind you it doesn’t always work out in the favor of the slot players but again at 50% the chances are better than any other game to get a quick increase in your cash flow. As a slot player myself I often use this method. The Roulette Wheel There are 2 versions of the Roulette wheel. One version is the American wheel and the other is the European wheel. Both are almost the same with the exception of the double 0 ( zero ) found on the American Roulette wheel. The odds are more in favor of the house when a double zero is added. ( approx 3% more than European wheel ) A standard Roulette wheel has 37 slots ( 38 for American wheel ) and are split into equal red and black landing spaces.

The Roulette Table Here is an example of an American Roulette table which is the same as the European table except it has 2 zeros. The table is almost the same as it was when roulette was created back in the mid 1800’s in France.

Betting with Roulette – The Most Popular bets made by Roulette players There many ways to bet in Roulette other than just picking black or red and a number. Here are some examples. You can view an image of each example by clicking the links beside each term below. Straight Up Bet ( Example ) Means you pick one number on the table and if that number comes up you will win 35 times your bet. This is by far the hardest way to win but pays the most of all bets. A single bet on the zero or double zero pays even more. Red or Black Bet ( Example ) This is when a player plays it safe and places a bet on either the red spot or the black spot on the roulette table. This bet pays 2-1 and is often used to double your money. Roulette Split Bet ( Example ) Many Roulette players will use the Split Bet to increase their chances. A split bet is when you place your chip on the line between 2 numbers. If the ball lands on either of these two numbers you will win 17 times your bet. 

Street Bet or Row Bet ( Example ) A street bet is when a player puts their chip or chips at the beginning of a row of numbers. This is a very popular bet among Roulette players because of the odds. When a row bet is placed a player can win on any number in that row and is payed 11 times the original bet. You can also play double street bet and have your chip on 2 rows instead of just one but the payout is only 5 times the original bet. Corner or Quad Bet ( Example ) Just like it says, betting with your chip in the middle of a box of 4 numbers. This gives you four chances to win and pays out 8 times your chip bet. Basket Bet ( Example ) Some say this is a really bad bet because it only pays 6 times the original bet but the basket Bet is not always a bad thing. Online roulette players may notice that the 00 or 0 have not come up in a while and wish to play it a bit safe. Betting the basket means you place your chip between the double 0 , single 0 and the 1 2 3 numbers at the top of the Roulette table.

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