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Alcohol And Money A Dangerous Partnership

If there’s one thing that land-based casinos are famous for, it’s providing a certain real-life atmosphere to the casino experience. For instance, casinos are very careful about the lighting they use they want to create a very intimate atmosphere that makes your body clock oblivious to the time of day. This is meant to encourage you to play longer and spend more money. Think about the last time you felt uncomfortably hot in a casino. You probably can. That’s because even though the plethora of lights can cumulatively generate enormous amounts of heat, casinos are careful to regulate their internal temperatures to provide a moderate and pleasant experience in which you can trade your dollars and stay up all night.

Look at the cocktail waitresses. Chances are, they are going to be easy on the eyes. That smile they give you? It’s all part of the way they get to you order more drinks, sip more whiskeys and keep the wine flowing. It doesn’t hurt their own tips either. A contented customer, one who is relaxed and happy, is far more likely to spend money at an establishment. Casinos know this. In fact, they bank on it. If giving custom shoulder massages to each and every client meant more money for the house then you can be sure that casinos would be doing it.

So, then, what about alcohol? We know casinos allow it. In fact, more than that, we know that casinos even encourage it. There’s a fine line that casinos tread here. A casino doesn’t want you drunk. But they’re more than happy if you’re just the tiniest bit tipsy. Alcohol reduces inhibitions. It tends to militate against reasonable and rational thought. Under the effects of alcohol, the most painfully shy individual can become a complete extrovert. It’s a powerful concoction, and it’s been bottled, labelled and flavored. So it follows that alcohol is good for business: it tends to mean a bigger spend, higher wagers and larger bets. But it can mean taking the wrong kinds of chances, staking large amounts of money on single hands, tipping too generously.

At land-based casinos, you can wake up to a gambling hangover, realizing that you’ve suddenly gone from riches to rags, from bomb to broke, from hero to hobo.

That’s what makes gambling on such a breath of fresh air. Playing online will manage to preserve something of the atmosphere of a casino theme, yet you can safely play in the comfort of your own home without worrying that your environment is being manipulated by money-hungry pit bosses and casino owners.

You run the show in a home-based casino, You make the choices, You decide for yourself how much is enough. And you can withdraw your funds at any time and leave with your winnings.

Mega Fame Casino Celebrity Themed Mobile Game App

Play with a collection of play-for-fun casino games with Mega Fame Casino, a free to download, celebrity-themed game app for iPhones and iPads supported by iOS versions 6.0 and up. This mobile casino game from social games developer Plaor makes a difference, as it gives iOS device users the chance to compete with popular celebrities via mobile casino offerings.

The link alternatif joker123 software is compatible for the personal computer and mobile phone of the players. The playing of the games is possible from home with comfort and convenience. There are more offers and features available at the site to have the desired results. 

At Mega Fame Casino (MFC), app users can obtain and earn virtual casino chips easily, allowing them to make the most of their mobile casino gaming experience as alternative to playing for real money at online and offline casinos. The MFC game app has a broad range of gaming content to offer, such as poker, single-player slots, slot tournaments, and video poker, including a selection of both poker and slot games played by featured celebrities.

Key Features of Mega Fame Casino App

You can play with the MFC casinos games as a Guest, or open a registered account using your email or your Facebook account. In all cases, downloading and installing the app in your iOS device instantly entitles you to free virtual casino chips worth 10,000. Actually, Mega Fame Casino is quite generous, since you can receive more than 10K instantly, as the app has a Daily Special Bonus Offer, Day-to-Day Regular Bonus, and extra bonus by simply playing on your mobile or PC. In addition to those, more chip bonuses could come your way when playing with the different MFC mobile casino games.

Nonetheless, even if you are playing as a guest, you will have your own pre-named gaming account showing your current available chips, your game history, your MFC friends, the challenges completed, and the progress you made in the MFC Boulevard. Choose an avatar as this will always appear in your user interface and as your seat marker at poker tables and slot tournaments.

Mega Fame Casino Game Offerings

The poker selections include tables for Texas Hold’em, Shootouts, Turbo Shootouts, and Celebrity Shootout games. Plaor was thoughtful enough to add Poker guides about poker hand-rankings and a set of tutorials about basic poker. When joining a table, you will be competing against other MFC app users, and provided with information support, including choices of actions to take during your turn.

The slot choices are between single player slots and tournaments. The slot games offered are standard, featuring Wilds and Scatter symbols, as well as offering Bonus Games and Free-Spins Rounds. Initially, only two slot titles are available, because you still have to meet certain requirements or challenges before other slot games are unlocked. This is particularly true for the new slot titles added by Plaor as version updates, the most recent of which are The Powers of Zeus, Reel Fruity, Cosmic Invaders, Searing Sevens, Frogs ‘n Flies and Lucky Luau.

The main attractions are the Celebrity Challenges, where you will find different celebrities as featured players at poker tables or slot tournaments. Take on the different challenges, as you can get to win more casino chips, free spins, slot passes, and Fame Points. You can even find a celebrity, offering to add you as his or her Facebook friend.

Fame Points are your tickets for advancing to the app’s Mega Fame Boulevard. Every time you earn fame points, your Avatar travels along the Boulevard. A map of the Boulevard shows where you and your fellow FB Mega Fame Casino players have advanced in moving toward more exciting prizes. You will come across Treasure Chests containing hundreds of thousand worth of chips, more free game passes and free spins in great numbers.

Gambling And Betting Services Exposed – Know about the gambling services

Betting sites and the con men behind them! Are you sick and tried on wasting your money on so called Magic Systems? Well I know I am. Over the years I have personally been jibbed by other betting websites selling there so called ‘highly valuable’ information. I have lost money over nearly every sport such as Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing betting, Golf betting, Tennis betting, Football betting or any other gambling service/system. But through all of this a few have emerged and that is why I am writing this. I am here to tell you about proofing services, these spot which systems to leave alone and which ones are successful, this means you don’t have to spend hundreds to test it yourself but rather let these do it for you for FREE!

These proofing betting sites or also know as betting proofing sites can save you hundreds of dollars by following there advice! These test and trial so called professional services and tell you what they think of it straight! They won’t lie won’t fake results; these betting proofing sites are run for the punters by the punters. These proofing sites are the best way to spot which services to follow and which ones to leave in the garbage.

You should know about the services for the playing of games at reputable and trustworthy sites. The slot online site provides more rewards and bonuses to the players. The choosing of the best games is with proper research to have the desired results. The services are reliable and trustworthy for the players. 

To fully test a betting system or a betting service the proofing sites trial each service/system for at least one month to get an accurate recommendation at the end. Furthermore these betting proofing sites use forums to involve the members and update the results daily on the forum in an excel file. These provide you the results of the trial period so you can closely monitor the trial yourself. At the end of the month the proofing site will either recommend using it or fail it and tell you to avoid it saving you hard earned money.

So you might be thinking where the cache? Well that’s the best part! There’s not! As this is run by the punters for the punters you don’t have to pay a penny! All you have to do is join for free and instantly access all this data on loads of betting systems and services. Once you join you also become apart of the community, you can discuss valuable information and maybe say how you lost money following a so called magic betting system.

So as you can see this betting proofing sites can really save you a lot of money! Not only are they free but also joining these proofing sites they offer you to become apart of a valuable community. Join today and I am sure you won’t be disappointed with all the added benefits and just see how much money it would have saved you!

Everything We Do Is A Gamble

“Everything We Do is a Gamble”

This is one argument that I used to hear (and admittedly had caught myself saying this to others before) time and time again, that “everything we do is a gamble”. The statement sounds valid. Until one looks at it from another perspective; seeing that the sentence is very misleading.

“Gamble” and “risk-taking” are commonly known to have similar meanings but when you gable on you get a much better understanding of the risks and benefits involved with gambling. Think again. Maybe you’ll find yourself changing that stand after looking at the two words in a proper context.


I’ve based examples of gambling in this book as actions we take without knowing how things work and hoping for the best results. The lottery is a fantastic example. The only strategy to win every single draw is to buy every combination available. Even so, the latter game does include a feature where there are limits placed on the combination, so not everyone can eventually buy everything.

The odds are heavily stacked to the houses’ advantage, making it a gamble if you have no idea how you can beat the game and getting consistently positive results from it.


This time, you know how the game’s being played, and before entering you’ll already have a strategy that will reap consistent profits from it if you stick to the plan. You also know that you are open to a chance of losing your initial capital. That’s a risk that you’ve factored in before taking action.

Perhaps an example might help one understand the difference between the two better.

The Physical Strength Example

Let’s say that you are placed in two different scenarios. The first would be where you are tasked to stop a train at the tracks with your bare hands. For the second, you are tasked to lift 10kg weights, and subsequently increasing the weight by another 2kg for the next set.

If you were able to stop the train in task 1, good. You’ll be known as a superhuman beating galactic odds. If you were to reach a point at task 2, where the weights go beyond what you could have usually carried, you know that you have what it takes to consistently beat that limitation from this point on.

Which of the two tasks would you rather be doing?

Maybe the example used was towards the extreme, but it does show clearly the difference between a gamble and taking risks.

You are gambling your life by jumping onto the tracks and trying to do a feat which you are already forced to do in only one way, that is to use your bare hands and try stopping it head-on—that is just crazy. The train was made to go at high speeds and the materials used made it durable and able to withstand the toughest of conditions.

Similar to gambling, one can only go into a game with one, narrow, way, that is to place a bet; you aren’t allowed (or led not) to do anything else besides that. Restrictions are strategically put in place to make it to the best advantage for the house.

Not you

For the weight lifting scenario, you know that physical growth would be your gain. There’s a risk that you may get sore arms or that you will feel intense pain the very next day. You might even pull a muscle if you jumped a few kilos and went for something way beyond what you currently have barely managed to carry. But you know that those are only risks, as you have that which you require to consistently beat limitations with a solid strategy, pairing up with your core knowledge of lifting weights (without hurting yourself immediately).

Everything you do is not a gamble.

Would you think that it will be better now to take up a logical approach by adopting a mindset where you rather be at the advantage and understanding what risks are because everything you do is not a gamble?

Principles Of Online Bingo – Understand the principles

Online bingo uses the same principles as traditional bingo. Numbers are drawn at random and the players match them with their cards using five by five matrices. If a player has one of the numbers drawn, he marks it. Just like in ordinary lotteries, you can increase your chances of winning bingo by buying more bingo cards. Just like in the ordinary version of the game that had cardboard cards with twenty-five squares arranged in five columns and rows, online bingo has its own version of bingo cards.

With the advancements in digital technology, online bingo sites have many exciting features. Perhaps the most talked about inclusion is the chat feature that allows the bingo players to socialize as they play their bingo games. This innovative feature has actually encouraged more and more people to start playing bingo. With the prospect of meeting with people from all over, the world and gaining free information about playing bingo this feature has made bingo famous.

The 토토먹 will allow you to pick the listed and trusted site. The gaining of more profits is possible at the platform. You need to complete details about the site to have a winning experience. The evaluation of the features and options is essential for the gamblers on the verified platform. 

Unlike traditional halls, online bingo sites host games everyday. The huge prizes winners get help add the fun and popularity of online bingo. Since these sites keep cropping up every other day, the jackpot prizes and bonuses keep growing as the site owners try to entice more and more people to play in their sites. First timers are usually on the lookout for sites offering huge jackpots with the average jackpot prizes being around $10,000.

With growing security concerns most online sites especially in the US and UK require their users to handle money transactions through pay pal since it offers the highest security. Using your credit cards directly to pay for transactions leaves your hard-earned money exposed to hackers. There are also concerns that some of the sites are not genuine. These sites are just interested in exploiting unsuspecting bingo enthusiasts. To avoid falling prey to such sites make sure you read reviews from other users who have used the site before. However, these sites are only a few compared to the millions of legitimate bingo sites available.

Finally, its good to ensure the online bingo site you choose has been properly licensed and regulated. The best way to ensure this is by checking their policy on deposits, monthly payments and withdrawal options. They should also have a good customer service channel, which can be a phone number or an email address. The chat rooms should also be regulated properly to lockout spammers and hackers who are only interested in stealing other people’s identities. Although certain aspects of traditional bingo such as ping-pong balls, which were blown in a cage, were exciting, the new bingo has come with other exciting features, changing people’s ways of life. With today’s hectic lifestyles, not many people can be able to sit down in the casino to play bingo. Therefore, it offers the perfect alternative.

Why Do You Play Poker

Learn more about poker. We can read this phrase everywhere in the internet. It is the fact. However, do you know what the main duty of the poker gaming over the internet is? Anyway, if you consider that the poker is of great value for each gamer that take part in the definite process. You must bother about poker and alternative sources that might be of great value for you. It is very interesting to bother about alternative ways to deal with the definite process. However, in the case, you play poker over the internet you train different skills that would be of great value for you when you play poker.

You need to learn about สล็อตเครดิตฟรีไม่ต้องฝากก่อน2021 to get more bonuses. The playing of the games does not require the any particular skill for more rewards and bonuses. You need to study the terms and conditions to have the desired winnings in the bank account. A pleasant experience is available through it. 

So, if you have some doubts about poker and alternative ways to deal with it, you should to keep in mind much more details that could help you deal with some more facts that could determine additional facts about poker and partner you deal with. However, in the case, you would like to remember about poker and alternativeto make your life interesting and exciting, you should follow few tips we are going present to your attention. So, first of them, we want underline importance of the fact that the poker would in the casino, at home and over the internet differs very much.

Therefore, if you bother about your success in the poker gaming, you should be very attentive to the poker and some other events that could help you increase chances for success in the definite process as well. In addition, it is very important to remember about much more events that must help you determine what kind of gaming strategy your partner is dealing with and analyze the way you should start lean to the definite support. You should remember that the definite information would be of great value for you when you start the game.

Anyway, if you are going to deal with the internet gaming, the following fact does not treat you. Moreover, casino poker gamers and home poker – lovers should own the best one. We are talking about poker face. You have to know that the definite information could help you either in the successful gambling or in life as well. We want you to know that the face expression and general behavior would serve only for your benefit. Nevertheless, poker face is the perfect ability to keep emotionless face during long time.

Actually, you can even smile all the time if you want, but your face should not show your opponent that you are excited or nervous. If your partner is professional gamer, it is not a problem for him to decide what cards you possess. That is why poker face is the way to hide your real feelings and emotions. We want you to know that the very way to deal with the game is the most safety and reliable than others.

Locating The Right Las Vegas Casino – Know to locate the right casino 

Whether you serve punch to mixed drinks or champagne, make things official with a mixed drink waitress. This not only provides points the casino feeling, but however the “waitress” can also aid keep people mingling or relocating from video game to video game. Casino evening can be a wonderful method to celebrate many celebrations, anything from a 40th birthday party to an excuse for close friends to collect. One last possibility would be charity. If your guests gamble and shed genuine money, it could all go towards a good cause. Most importantly, have a fun time whatever your reason.

There are plenty of ways available for the choosing of the right online casino. You need to evaluate the points and make the right decision. The sbobet is the right platform to play the best games. The playing of the games is simple and easy for the players to earn more real cash. 

Roulette Strategy

If there is one common emotional function to be found among practically all effective roulette gamers, it is determination. While you fit to find this identical characteristic in successful bettors of practically any casino variety, I assume it is much more of a bedrock fundamental in the mind of a roulette gamer. There is just something around this game which needs a steely get and an undeviating commitment to defeat your home whatever it takes. When you look at the standard structure of roulette, it is not so surprising that decision is a demand for a dedicated gamer.

After all, any kind of roulette casino player worth his/her salt understands that the probabilities of arising victorious are not on their side. It is this very comprehending that prevents a variety of highly skilled but somewhat risk averse gamers from ever before obtaining seriously entailed with the roulette wheel. Bettors of this nature are much comfier seated around a poker table, where the impression of control can be maintained at a much higher and a lot more regular level. Allows encounter it, when you stand there seeing that little white ball skip around the rotating wheel, it is pretty hard to encourage yourself that you have any kind of control whatsoever over the outcome.

Playing Casino Games Online

And yet there is an essential distinction between the intelligent roulette gamer who is completely away of the short odds and the player that is simply OSG777 betting on blind instinct without any appropriate understanding but the game’s structure and reasoning. These folks do not seem to be also concerned with your house edge, if they even recognize the idea whatsoever. But for a lot more proficient players, your home edge is both the bane of their existence and in the supreme magnet of their emphasis.

There is a typical false impression amongst many individuals trying to break the secret code of the roulette wheel that the green numbers are “residence numbers”. As a matter of fact, it is true that the house’s benefit comes from the presence of the eco-friendly numbers due to the fact that a game without them would certainly be statistically fair. Yet you must not obtain your hopes up way too much on this front, because there is a depressing fact here that cannot be rejected: the greens are no more or less most likely to find up than any type of various another number.

Sports Betting Champ Review Efficient Or Not Really

The supposed to be actually a leisure activity, Sports betting is now a fascination. It has ruled the male species because of their inherent love for the game. Groups of individuals are actually taking in all excited when the NFL season starts to take off. After the game, sports betting champ is the happy cash bagger.

The sports betting will become interesting and exciting at the bandar judi online for the beginners. The prediction of the correct score has more chances at the site. You can take many benefits at the site with a registration at the online site. A great experience is provided to the gamblers on the site. 

Executed you ever ask yourself how these frequent winners accomplish it? They bet on almost every sport there is the NBA, NFL, MLB, horseracing even the college football as well as they win. There are actually sports betting internet sites that offers soft wares for a chance of winning the games in nine-out-ten percentage. I don in no way recognize if it definitely worked but I have read the testimonials as well as viewed the videos out of my curiosity if it genuinely is actually powerful.

The sports betting champ reviews seem to possess the most apparent sides since if not really all good they give it all bad. We can certainly in no way determine who among them the professional or the con are actually telling complete truth because they all have not attempted the sports betting champ software.

Those that grant good reviews are actually gabbing about the amount of money they had when they bought the betting champ prediction series. Some of my acquaintances informs me that they have won at minimum two of 3 games when they purchased the program. Well this is far from the 97 % assurance however it is actually fine for me. I think the part of the betting prediction that is actually authentic is the statistical measurement of earlier period as well as current games. There is actually a tiny confusion though on just how to pinpoint the sports betting champ scam.

The anti sports betting champ articulate that the predictions are not at all triumphant. That the sports betting champ is a hard-core swindle. The cons are speculating on the advertising aspect since the owner need to have kept it a secret and just produce cash out of it alone. They are actually positive that this is a sports betting champ scam. The sports betting champ review even is actually dissected for being compensated by the sports betting champ website holders.

There are an amount of sports betting champ in the web and are blowing their own horns that they are actually the best. They have their individual sports betting champ review that singing their own songs of praise for themselves. We can in no way risk attempting each one. You can go ahead buy the software, be pleased when you win as well as try again next time when you lose. The thing is, in every game we have to delight in every minute of it and party hard when your team wins. This is what we genuinely care about, right?

Brand New Roulette Advice

On-line roulette is a grand score with players who favour to be keen on their favorite casino games on the Net. On-line casino roulette is a really popular game at most of the online casinos and offered by just about all of them. On-line players will be fond of having the freedom to discover their favourite roulette casino game and be capable to enjoy it at their leisure and on their terms. Each on-line casino will have its own sorts of roulette to provide and its own advantages. This is only one more of the perfect things about players having the option to play roulette on-line.

One type of on-line roulette players will be able to find without difficultly is American roulette. This is one of the more highly demanded types which witness quite a bit of traffic. American roulette includes a wheel with 38 numbered slots. Although this is a really popular variety of roulette, it does follow with its disadvantages. The American variant of roulette has an added numbered slot of 00. This supplementary number gives the house an edge of 5.26.

European roulette and บาคาร่าออนไลน์ which is the roulette game of choice for countless players has the similar design as American roulette, take way the 00. This gives European roulette players much improved odds. In fact, European roulette merely gives the house an advantage of 2.70 which is comparatively a variation from the American variant. Most players looking to play roulette online lean to mark out to acquire the European version so they can take benefit of the superior odds while enjoying themselves.

Miniature roulette is an interesting sort of roulette. It was formerly created as more of a novelty than it was intended to be an real casino game players would set out to play. Still, it has gained popularity and can be found at many of the online casinos. The principal differences between mini roulette and the European and American version are the sizing of the wheel, the sum of numbers on the wheel, and the odds. Mini roulette has a wheel with simply 13 numbers which are numbered 0 through 12.

There is different sort of casino roulette which puts a bit of a out of the ordinary spin on things. This variety is called racetrack roulette and the major variation in this type of roulette has more to do with the layout of the game board, the positioning of the numbers, and the odds.

When players are searching for the best place to play online casino roulette, they also want to be on the watch for those generous online casino bonuses. null which means more of a bankroll to play even more online roulette games with.

Web-based games do not have this limitation, they have an excessive number of games to look over, and have a bigger wagering limit, you could wager securely in your spending plan, to stay away from any misfortunes. Because of the cash exchanges, gambling clubs need to have a hefty store to play, yet online gambling clubs can be played with a base store too. 

Gambling Guys Gg Victory At Video Poker

Victory at Video Poker ** Of the hands dealt in video poker, only 21% of them are Jacks-or-Better winners. 79% are downright dogs, and it’s what you do with those mongrels (that need to be groomed into winning greyhounds) that marks the difference between a winner and a loser. If you want to give yourself the best chance of winning at video poker, then you’d do well to read, absorb, embrace and pledge eternal allegiance to the following playing tips: Look for Jacks-or-Better machines that pay six coins for a flush and nine coins for a full house.

If you decide to play a progressive video poker machine on 토토사이트 that pays five coins for a flush and eight coins for a full house, play on a progressive where the jackpot is more than $250 on a nickel machine, $2,500 on a quarter, and $10,000 on a dollar.

On a progressive machine, always bet the maximum amount of coins to get the bonus for royal flushes.

If you’re a novice player, you’d be wise to play on the lowest denomination machine until your level of expertise moved up a notch or two.

Where possible, use a casino slot card to get play credits. You may as well get a return in the form of a comp benefit for your play on their video poker machines. Remember to ask how many points you’ll receive per dollar played, and find out what those points are worth in comps. This will help you shop for better value on your play.

Take your time and study every hand. You’re playing against a machine; there’s nobody to intimidate you if your play is too slow.

All hail the Jack! Some players don’t realize that the most important card in the deck is not the Ace, but the Jack. Holding the Jack over the Ace affords you more opportunities to make more lucrative hands than an Ace would.

There are over a hundred different video poker machines to choose from. Games like Louisiana Jacks, Joker Poker, Gator Poker, etc. offer you a veritable supermarket selection, each with different pay-tables and each requiring distinct playing strategies. I’d recommend that you learn and limit your play to two games, such as Jacks-or-Better and Deuces Wild.

You can acquire video poker skills using either a hand-held video poker game or a computer. The main benefit of this type of training is that it gives you the ability to test your skills without the risk of financial ruin. You can collect data for later review, which will enable you to nix trends that would cost you dearly on a video poker machine. Under normal casino conditions, it would take you years to accumulate this information. The key here is that any knowledge you manage to obtain without a casino outlay means you’ll net out better down the road. And now for some playing strategies: Never hold a kicker to any pair; your return is reduced by 5%. Always go for the Royal, so rather draw 3 cards if you have the chance Keep the pat hand – except if the chance of a Royal is there. Never draw on a flush, except for the chance of a Royal Never break a straight Never draw if you hold a jack or better. Don’t keep a ten-card if you are drawing four cards