Running Poles, a new trick

Nordic Walking Poles for running

Last year we had a photoshoot for a nordic walking product, for the job we had to get some Nordic Walking Poles from Leki. After the shoot, we weren’t sure what to do with the poles, we are not nordic walkers, we are mountain trail runners, but we we often use poles in the rocky terrain of the Dolomites and Alps. The Nordic Poles looked interesting to us so we tried them out for running and discovered that they are fantastic; super light and stiff. But the drawback was that for descending they have no ball grip on top or under, so we would fall right off the grip unless tightly holding on, or we would stab ourselves in the palm.

Janine had the idea to try running with the strap provided for Nordic Walking, it is much like a nordic ski pole strap, once on, it is really on, no easy on or off but your hand becomes part of the pole. We loved the system, it’s a new trick for us.

The beauty of the Leki system is that they have a small loop of perlon cord that slides and locks into place, so instead of removing your hand from the strap, you remove the strap, with your hand still in it, from the pole. With the nordic ski like loop and support, descending a rocky trail while running is a completely different experience, it feels like skiing. And for climbing, you have all the power without having to use your grip, the strap does the work for you so you can use your whole arm for support. When you don’t want to use them, simply unclick the cord from the pole with the easy button release, and the poles are free of your strap.


Straps locked in


Unlocked and off for carrying

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